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Onze lade koelkastorganisatoren zijn zeer comfortabel, tijdsbesparende en arbeidspaturen en een sterke belastingvermogen.

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‎30 x 20 x 9.5 cm; 620 gram


‎620 Gram

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21 juli 2021


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60 beoordelingen voor YekouMax Koelkast-opbergdoos...

  1. PGC

    Good visible storage space for small items

    Loved to get smaller produce in this visible and functional drawer. Fits well. There’s still room on shelf underneath for food items😉

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  2. Stanley O Smith

    Works perfectly!

    It’s super easy to install, works like a charm and looks great! I highly recommend!

  3. James Kruse

    Easy to install very convenient!

    Could have been a bit larger! But the plastic quality is study and suvstanciak

  4. AshAnderson95

    Great addition

    Great addition to my fridge. I only give 4 stars because I only got one set of dividers for one drawer and should have had one for each drawer since I ordered the set of 2.

    4 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  5. PurduePatti

    A purchase that I am extremely glad I made!!!

    These little drawers fit so well and look like they actually came with the fridge. You can fit two of them side by side perfectly on a 36″ wide, side by side fridge. They installed very quickly and easily and the drawers themselves side in and out smoothly. I was stressing about my new fridge not having a 3rd drawer for deli meats and cheeses and such, but these solved that problem.

    6 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  6. Linda c.


    Easy to install, works great.

  7. Dblc1205

    Good product but didn’t fit my fridge

    This product seems good but sadly they didn’t fit my fridge. I didn’t think about the back of the shelf being too big for the shelf to clip on, but that’s what happened! Easy enough to return though.

    5 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  8. Christine Schmidt


    It’s awesome and so easy to set up! I wish it were a little larger. I may look for the same kind but larger. I would definitely buy this again!

  9. Jennifer

    Great For small fridges

    Super easy to install in my apartment sized fridge. Not overly big but give me deli drawers for meat and cheese instead of taking up valuable shelf space in such a small fridge

  10. BJGW

    Nice drawer

    Nice product…a little to my surprise, I’ll be honest. I expected it to be cheap, thin plastic but it is actually quite sturdy and they drawer glides smoothly. There is a strong enough “stop” on the drawer that eliminates the risk of yanking it out of the fridge altogether. Capacity is fairly small (shallow) but plenty to keep things organized in the fridge. I give it two thumbs up.

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  11. Neal

    You want to store what, where?

    I like the concept, quality and durability of this drawer. My disappointment is the size! The photos are VERY deceiving; I made the mistake of not reading the actual size snd went with the pictures.Useful without the dividers.

    3 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  12. Sharc

    Handy for extra storage

    I love this little bin and use it primarily for egg storage. Very easy to install. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again. Now I’ve freed up shelf space for other things!

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  13. Joseph g paul

    Easy setuy

    Freed up a lot of fridge space

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  14. Lisa T.

    Works for what I needed

    This drawer is smaller than I anticipated but it works well as my cheese drawer. I think next I’ll order the medium. Seems to be durable enough. The frame is pretty sturdy. However the drawer will slide right out if pulled too far. Also I did not receive any type of divider for my item but it’s ok it works and does what it needs to. Good for the money.

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  15. Salvatore Ip

    buon prodotto, ma …

    buon prodotto, diminuiscono gli spazzi sotto il carrello

  16. Jessica MacNeill

    Easy to install

    This adds a little store to my fridge. Good buy

  17. Joseph Kassar


    Jätte bra 👍

  18. Tracy T


    So happy I Igot these for my small refrigerator. I put one in the fridge and one in the freezer and they are very helpful at adding some space and organizing.

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  19. TucsonanMandy

    Much Smaller Than Anticipated – Read the Dimensions!

    Recently moved into an apartment that has a small refrigerator with no cheese drawer. Since I like having a place to store cheese and deli meats, I went searching for an aftermarket cheese drawer replacement, and found this.From the pictures, I thought it would have been a bit bigger, but that’s my fault for not reading the product description thoroughly enough. It ended up working well for my needs, anyway, though, and installation was a breeze. Seems to be reasonably sturdy so far as well, and opens and closes easily.Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this product, but I am removing one star for the divider, which didn’t fit particularly well in mine and also divides the drawer into unreasonably tiny sections.

    73 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  20. Royal Thompson

    Smaller than you think, but perfect !

    I didn’t realize when we bought a new fridge that there was no deli drawer. This is a really great solution. It’s small enough that if you really wanted to in a bigger fridge, you could simply get a second one.But it’s perfect for what we need. So happy with it.

    2 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  21. Amanda

    It holds things

    I put all those packets of sauces you get from restaurants in this drawer. You know, the ones you think you’ll use but then 20 years later you move out and they’re just still in there, judging you…

    6 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  22. Robyn

    Not for the less coordinated

    I got one of the brackets on easily and installed the drawer. Then when I attempted the exact same action, it pinched my finger, a tightening screw rolled under the fridge, and one of the springs fell off and cannot be reattached. The instructions make it seem pretty idiot proof. Guess I showed them!

    2 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  23. Michelle

    Nice, but small

    Pro: Installation was a breeze!It’s a bit less deep than I thought, but, it really fits well alongside my fridge configuration.Con: definitely seems pricey for what you get.

  24. PamelaPamela

    This has been Godsend!

    My husband currently is suffering from mild Vascular Dementia and I have had no not only fill his med strips weekly but also his syringes with his two types of insulin. This has not only allowed me to have the ability to safely store his filled syringes and insulin neatly in the refrigerator, but allows me to keep them safely separated. Keeps shelving free and these safely organized.

    12 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  25. CeCe

    Love it!

    I had organized my freezer and was wishing that it had one more shelf. When I saw this add-on drawer option, I ordered it right away. It was extremely easy to install and works great. It’s not very big, but works great in my side by side refrigerator/freezer. I would recommend this item ….. just measure the spot on your refrigerator first to be sure that it will work for you.

    3 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  26. Tina12


    I Bought this for my Samsung refrigerator. Very easy to install. its a bit small can only fit a few items.i will by another to add next to it.

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  27. AEM


    I wished I didn’t wait to install it and didn’t throw away the packaging before I did as I would have returned it. The biggest issue is that it feels structurally weak or flimsy; that if I put something in it with some weight in it, the plastic bars behind the drawer that go to hold it at the back will break. So, it’s probably fine to carry a bag of shredded cheese or similar light items. Finally, I understand it’s designed to fit small fridges, but for normal fridges, a depth of only 11″ wastes a good amount of space. I bought this to replace by broken fridge drawer. It doesn’t fit that bill.

    2 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  28. Enrique Pérez Real

    Muy práctico

    Muy práctico, aunque si el cajón fuese un poco más grande, estaría genial. En cualquier caso, la nevera está más ordenada y bien estéticamente.

  29. Vincent Isabelle

    Tiroir d’appoint satisfaisant mais attention aux dimensions.

    Pas tres solide mais correspond à mes besoins. Parfait pour ranger 2 paquets de charcuterie sous vide et 2 fromages. Attention aux dimensions. Suis contente car suffisant comme petit tiroir supplémentaire d’appoint.

  30. tina c.

    Best invention

    Easy to install. Replaced one huge plastic shelve that keep on slipping.Everything now organized. Wonderful product

  31. Verroccam

    Easy install but container is very small

    Enjoy the look and how easy it’s to install and use. But the containers r really small. I can only put one package of ham in the drawer. Bit over priced for size. Also my package never came with the dividers. But other than that I still like it.

  32. Scott Fam

    Too short

    The drawer itself is not deep enough to match the depth of the shelf it would fit.

  33. Moeyob

    I plan to buy another

    I haven’t had it long, but this drawer was easy to install, glides smoothly, removes smaller items from taking up space on the shelf and utilizes space that was previously wasted. It is shorter than the actual refrigerator shelf but that was expected.This is one of those items that you like so much you just might buy more than you can use 🙂

  34. CCB

    Frees up space

    I use these great drawers for my eggs and small individual servings of avocado mash, Bella cheese, and yogurts. The only flaw is that they will slide right out if you pull too far. In that case I have them positioned next to frig door hinges.

    3 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  35. Amazon Customer

    This is genius

    This is a life saver. I bought a few of these. Great clean lines. Fit my fridge and an overall great product.

  36. Kezia Herrera


    Small but it’s useful

  37. P Hawkes

    Easy to use

    Great little add on for your fridge. They are a little shallow so you can’t put too much in them but for small items they’re great. Very easy to install and use.

  38. CMC

    Great space saver.

    I love this product. It has saved an incredible amount of space in refrigerator. It is so easy to organize.

  39. darnley rosius

    I like it but the size isn’t worth $20

    I like it but the size isn’t worth $20.

  40. D. Kosko

    So Handy!

    I just got a new refrigerator but it didn’t have sliding deli drawers under the shelves so i ordered these to hold my cheeses and deli meats. They fit perfectly and did the trick! I could see these being used for holding crafting items and knick knacks as well. Very Happy with this purchase!

    4 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  41. mary acevedo

    Fridge organizer

    This is a great product, but please check your fridge before ordering, I wanted this so badly, and didn’t check , my fridge is bigger and this item is to small for mine, disappointing only because it would have been the perfect fit for my fridge, had I read instructions and ordered correctly , perfect for the right fridge,

  42. Erica E.

    Not medium, more like small

    The title says it all. I can fit 3 of these babies in one shelf since they’re so small. I’m unhappy that I bought these thinking they were actually medium. So I’m guessing the large ones are actually medium.

  43. Vanessa oldfield

    2 portions = 1 product

    The product only comes with one tray and 2 portion dividers. So the title description is not accurate u only receive one tray.

    5 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  44. Suzanne Trepanier

    Organisateur de frigo

    Tellement plus d’espace, super achat.

  45. CdCd

    Very convenient

    I bought a 2-pack of this space saver for the fridge in my RV..but decided to use it for small cheeses in my kitchen (they get lost rolling around in the big drawer). This is just so useful & easy to use. Very smooth slide-out. Easy to remove & wash..and quite a space-saver. I love it!!

    7 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  46. fabrizio

    cose utili

    buon acquisto, ti aiuta ad avere piu spazio e piu ordine nel frigo

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  47. Helen Wells

    It was sturdy enough to stand on its own.

    I wish it had been deeper.

  48. GrumpyS.O.B

    It’s very cool but way to pricey

    Way too much money if it covered whole shelf would be worth it. But built well & convenient

  49. Christina R

    Great for a fridge without a cheese drawer

    I purchased these as my landord replaced my broken fridge with one that’s smaller and without a cheese drawer like my old one had. These drawers are a great replacement for this, were easy to install and I still have plenty of shelf space below them for other items.

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  50. Janna

    Ok but Felt flimsy only needed 1

    De media kon niet worden geladen.

     It was ok but felt flimsy and wouldn’t last. Only 1/2 of drawer is supported. The attachment felt cheap. Small size.

    4 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  51. Tometich64

    Very helpful

    I got these for my son’s refrigerator as my grandson takes multiple medications due to a stroke as a baby. Some of the medications he takes need to be refrigerated so they keep all of his meds in a bin in the fridge, which takes up a lot of room and was accessible to his younger brothers. These under shelf drawers were perfect. They fit under the top shelf in the side by side fridge, opened up significant fridge space and the kids don’t even notice the drawers. They are very shallow so everything has to lie on its side and you have to hold it in place to pull the drawers open. Great concept though and were simple to install.

    10 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  52. Chelsea WhippsChelsea Whipps

    Smaller but great organization

    Our new fridge had less drawers than our old one, so this was great to be able to add so we could better organize. They are smaller than I expected, but it makes it easier to place them wherever in your fridge.

  53. Amazon Customer

    Todo bien

    Todo bien

  54. Michele F

    Did the trick

    New fridge didn’t have a deli drawer. These worked out great!

    4 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  55. Michael W. Heinz

    Barely fit my fridge shelves.

    My main problem with this is that I had to stretch the adjustable sliders to their absolute limit to get it onto the shelf of my refrigerator and now the springs are so tight I’m pretty sure they’re going to fail in a few years.Beyond that, it looks nice and adds convenient storage space in our new fridge.

    6 mensen vonden dit nuttig

  56. Norm Courteau

    Great fit!!

    Great fit in the fridg! Definitely add some storage

  57. Amazon Customer


    It is a great thing for organizing my fridge




  59. Claudio Pistidda

    Facile da installare e utile salvaspazio

    Installato in 20 secondi. Comodo oggetto salvaspazio di buona fattura

    Een iemand vond dit nuttig

  60. DreamCatcher

    Easy install

    I love the east install and it’s what I use to keep my eggs in. I even bought another one for my deli items

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